Using my Generator Strategy and Authority to Pick my European Summer Destination

generator energy type with the strategy to respond and the authority of the gut

In human design what we call the strategy and authority is how you tune into your body to hear what it is telling you. As the energy type generator (there are 5 energy types), my authority is my gut, and my strategy is to respond. This means that my gut is able to tell me when something is a full body yes or a full body no. It responds to options. For example, when I was younger, I would use this (without knowing about human design at the time) for every little thing. I remember when I’d go to a store to buy a snack, I’d always scan the options and wait to feel a response in my gut. Or when I’d ask my mum for her opinion between two things and when I heard her answer I was able to tune into my gut responding to what she said and know that either I agreed with her or didn’t agree with her. I think it was around high school when my head started to take over more with making decisions. It wasn’t until a few years ago when my body was screaming at me that I needed to make some changes that I realized I hadn’t been listening to it for a long time. In fact, other than knowing something big was wrong, I wasn’t able to tune into the small gut responses anymore at all. I made some big changes, like quitting my job, and still wasn’t sure how to get connected with my body and my internal guidance.

Around this time I discovered breathwork and it was a huge help. It calmed my nervous system down, quieted my mind and helped me to feel into my body’s responses again. I loved it so much I even got certified with the being method to become a breathwork facilitator. Since starting my learning to become human design reader I’ve tried to use my strategy and authority (gut response) for making as many decisions as possible. From little things like what I want for breakfast to big things like what do I want to do in order to take steps towards living my dream life. I had been thinking about what my dream life looked like a lot and a big part of it is to live in Europe. Though I wasn’t sure where in Europe, I’m still not. But, I needed a place to start. So I tore up a piece of paper and wrote down 6 or so places I’d be happy to go to on the pieces: France, Spain, England, Greece, California, Vancouver Island. Then I mixed them up and picked one. I picked England and it was like when I was younger and would ask my mum which top she liked better, I felt the response in my gut when I picked England, it was a no. I had wanted to pick Spain and it wasn’t until I felt that England was a no that I knew Spain was a yes.

Later that night I went on Airbnb and happened to find the cutest place to stay, in the Mountains below a castle in Spain, and it was incredibly affordable. And then I asked my friend that usually says no to long term plans if she wanted to come, and she said yes. Everything fell into place so quickly and with so much ease. That is what it feels like to make a decision that is in alignment, when you’ve listened and followed through on your strategy and authority. 

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