10 Fall Basics for 2023

First and foremost, my favourite thing to wear in the fall and winter is a flannel. I don't have any here because it is a well known fact that if you buy a flannel that isn’t vintage you will never be fully satisfied with it. I don’t make the rules. Also, I don't have any boots, bags or pants. I just wasn't that excited about what is out there at the moment. Possibly, because I'm making this in August in Greece and I'm craving the type of weather where you wear sweaters and shorts.

I can’t afford to purchase possibly anything for fall this year, maybe I’ll get one thing on this list - the slippers. If I could get them all I totally would. It’s less about the items themselves and more about them being inspiration for finding your own versions of them. I might ask my birthday Santa (aka my mom) to buy me one of the coats though 😊  


Cordera white sweater

Cordera cream cashmere ribbed sweater

I think this might be a perfect cream sweater? I love the exaggerated collar/border of the collar size. It also comes in a vibrant red colour and if I were purchasing lots of things right now and had endless money I'd buy both. 


Soeur camel wool jacket

Soeur Windsor camel coloured double sided wool coat

The pieces that make this extra special are the buttons being off to the side and the visible curved pockets. Also love the mock neck-ish collar on this one.  


the great silk slip dress floral

THE GREAT victorian rose print serene slip dress 

Picture this 100% silk, large floral print slip dress with the two items above layered over top! Yup, so good. Also great for the time between seasons, for "transition" outfits as they say. And yes I still consider this a basic even though it has a pattern, its very versatile. 


with nothing underneath green and white stripped button up shirt

WNU The Boyfriend tencil forest green stripe shirt

Love me a good stripe. This relaxed fit button up is great for looking sharp and styling more professionally and would also look fantastic under a sweater with the collar showing for a more cozy fall vibe. (side note: if I found this jeans in a slightly darker wash they'd likely be on this list) 


shop doen fauna coat 

Doen Fauna coat in olive grove 

I had a Ganni jacket 5ish years ago that didn't have a hood or fuzzy lining and was more of a tweed material but the general idea was similar and I wore it until it literally fell apart. And I love the hood and the fuzzy lining of this so maybe I need it? 


re/done 1950's boxy tee

RE/DONE 1950's boxy tee in optic white 

I think its a public service announcement whenever anyone finds a white t-shirt they truly love. I bought maybe 3 variations of this t-shirt from Re/done at least 6 years ago and still wear them constantly. Girl math tells me that makes it pretty much a mandatory investment and that it is pretty much $1 if you divide it by the minimum number of times you'll be wearing it. 


free people buckle belt

Freepeople Duke Concho belt in ochre 

This is definitely the trendiest piece on this list by a lot and it's here because I'm pretty sure wearing it would make me feel very cool and like I might be welcomed in by the horse girl crew I aspire to be a part of. Its also the least expensive because I learned early that it's dangerous to spend a lot on trendier pieces. 


Boheme goods raglan sweater

Boheme Goods reversible raglan sweatshirt

I'm excited to include this brand because I always want to put their items in my digital styling outfits but they don't have Lightbox photos. I've wanted this sweater for maybe 2 years. It's terry cotton and its reversible and its nailed the effortless and cute, basic and not totally basic vibe. 


boheme goods tank top cream

Boheme Goods The Tank in off white 

I'm so excited about this brand, it is here twice. Another item I've been coveting for a while (she brings back her staple pieces, year over year). I feel like I'd wear this under everything instead of a bra. It's a cotton/ spandex blend so I feel like it would do a great job at that. Plus, it's really nice worn on its own. 


isle of sky sherpa slippers

Skye Skyns snuggly sheepskin boot slippers in tan

Garance Dore is endlessly chic and she was recently travelling around the Isle of Skye, Scotland with her husband and she purchased these slippers (photo above is from her instagram). They look kind of weird in the online store image but in her photo and other photos she posted of them I feel in love. The fact that they have the word "snuggly" in the name sealed the deal for me. 


Heather Mollenhauer human design

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