My Week In France With Mum & Rambo

My mum, Rambo (my dog) and myself flew from Toronto to Paris. The beginning of a big adventure for me. I was very nervous about leaving home without a set plan as well as generally traveling with my dog. I wanted him to have a comfortable time in transit and truly enjoy seeing new places once we got there. Thank goodness I had my mum with me. She made it much easier emotionally and practically. After a shockingly seamless flight to Paris we picked up our rental car and went to our hotel. Honestly every moment we had in Paris was dream like. Yes, being up for over 24 hours contributed to that feeling, and also it was just so wonderful. We ate many croissants, walked through Luxembourg Gardens, window shopped and shop-shopped, and Rambo never had to leave our side the whole time. I resonate with the energy in Paris so much it feels so comfortable for me there with an added delight to it. 

Our hotel in Paris was the Hotel Monte Cristo and I would very much recommend it. It is in the 5th arrondissement which I hadn't spent time in before. It feels like locals actually live there in the best way. The hotel is eclectically styled with rich colours and the staff are very kind. 

Paris roof top photoHotel Monte Cristo ParisParis cafe with bread and croissantsEiffel Tower photoLuxembourg gardens ParisEiffel Tower at sunset in Parisshopping in ParisLaduree Paris in my l'uniform bag
After Paris we did a long day of driving to get to Montreal, France. I had planned on staying at this B&B a few years ago and got detailed because of COVID. I was so excited to get there. It is called Camellas Lloret and it is so peaceful and beautiful. The interior design and the property create the best atmosphere for rest. The owners are very warm and fun to talk to. One of them had me give her a human design reading which was really fun. Would 100% recommend a visit. 
There is a town nearby that is called Montolieu and is known as the "ville d'livre" the village of books. It is a tiny town that has a population of 800 people and 18 book shops (with mostly second hand books). 
Camellas Lloret B&B FranceCamellas Lloret B&B FranceBeing Method SweatshirtCamellas Lloret B&B FranceCamellas Lloret B&B FranceCamellas Lloret B&B FranceCamellas Lloret B&B FranceCamellas Lloret B&B France
From there we drove to Collioure, France on the coast. It was so invigorating to get to the ocean. The small town is bustling with tourists and very fun to spend an afternoon in. We wandered around, shopped a bit and ate lots of gelato. A highlight was finding this little shop full of incredibly detailed paintings, all with angel motifs. The artist was there, she uses the space as her studio, and using a magnifying glass to paint. She didn't speak a word of English but we managed to communicate a bit. She was so sweet and so talented. 
Collioure FranceCollioure FranceCollioure France gelatoCollioure France angel painter
Next we went to Spain - I'm going to do a post on my time in Spain separately. 
If you want to see more of the places I went to in France, check out my profile on the app Step.
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