10 Hotel Visits I'm Manifesting

My two filters on finding places to stay on my travel around Europe this summer are: as inexpensive as possible and dog friendly. I am having a great time - no complaints here - and also taking screenshots and compiling a list for the future I want where I have no restraints. 

I've been watching all of my favourite influencers European summer content very closely and documenting all of the places I would like to visit myself. That plus some internet rabbit holes helped me come up with this list. 

Of course there are many, many beautiful places I want to visit, this list is specifically based on the hotels themselves. The prices range a lot from $350 per night to $1,000 per night - non filtered dream stays. 


Tonnara di Scopello - Sicily, Italy Hotel

Hotel in sicily

Tonnara di Scopello 

I've never dreamed of having a wedding in Italy until now (sorry to all of my future guests, but you'll thank me). The site hosts apartments, a restaurant and an open air museum on historic fishing tools. Did I mention it is has its own private beach on the coast of Sicily? 

@emelinaah stayed here this summer with her family as one stop on a jaw dropping summer exploring the Mediterranean and it seriously stood out from the crowd.

Villa Arniano Tuscany

Tuscan Villa by Famous Interior Designer

Villa Arniano  

This villa in Tuscany is available to stay at for a whole lot of money. The interior designer Camilla Guinness bought and reclaimed this beautiful property, making it extra spectacular with her artist's eye, making every room in the villa a space worthy of exploration. 

I came across it when the brand Reformation held a influencer retreat of sorts here to promote the brand's summer line. One of my favourite style and design influencers was in attendance (@lucywilliams02) and posted photos of the space. I immediately had to reach out to the owner and figure out if it was open to the public. It is, for many thousands of Euros per week. My dream of this place is to stay here over Christmas one year with my future family. Why dream at all if you're not going to dream big?


Silent Living Portugal Hotel, Comporta Location

Comporta Silent Living Houses Hotel Group

Silent Living Hotel - Comporta 

Honestly I'd like to go to every single one of the 5 locations of the Silent Living Houses around the Lisbon general area (all listed here). Minimalist architecture mixed with rich textural elements create a luxurious and grounding environment for your stay. Plus the all white bedding looks so cozy I want to dive right in. Though of course the main event is the landscape, which this home does such a wonderful job at featuring. 

Something to note - you do need a car to get to this location, as well as any location not in Lisbon proper. 


Hotel in Mallorca

Corazon Mallorca Mountain Hotel

Hotel Corazon Mallorca

Hotel Corazon

A new hotel, opened this summer. Hotel Corazon is on Mallorca and is (as proclaimed by me) an ode to modern glamour. The design is a mix that makes me not care where it is, even though its on the Balearic Island I most want to visit. It's a win, win in my book. 

Fontenille Menorca Hotel

Menorca Hotel Pool


Torre Vella Fontenille Menorca

Beautifully built to harmonize with the natural terrain, this hotel is as soothing as it gets. There are a few hotels from this collection of hotels on this list, I couldn't pick just one. Menorca itself is full of striking beauty with the rugged terrain and bright aqua waters and this hotel properly puts nature on display. Some activities you can choose from are: horseback riding, pottery lessons, yoga classes, visit the spa, sailboat tours, and golf. 


Dromgarriff Rainforest Hotel

glengarriff nature reserve ireland

Dromgarriff Rainforest

The owner of the company Moon Juice (@amandachantalbacon) stayed here with her family this summer and ever since I saw her experience I've been besotted. I never would have thought to travel to Ireland as a summer holiday - since I usually am trying to orient myself with the sun - but wow it is certainly on my list now. 

 The property is 96 acres of lush green on the Southern cost of Ireland. There are multiple cabins to choose from of different sizes. Some sleep up to 16 people and some up to 6. There is also a mix of design styles between cabins from more modern to traditional cozy. Though, from what I can tell the real wonders happen outside the hotel in the forest, on the shore and interacting with local guides.


Tuba Club Marseille France Hotel

Tuba Club Hotel and Restaurant Marseille

Tuba Club 

I came across this newly expanded hotel from seeing the Australian influencer @olivecooke visiting this summer. A rugged shore line is a sure thing to steal my heart and this spot has rugged in spades. With only 8 rooms, Tuba Club is boutiquey in all the right ways. Only guests of the hotel are able to lounge on the mattresses dotted across the rock face so you aren't having to get up early to snag a spot. There is also a popular restaurant on location that draws in the locals of Marseille, adding some fun energy into the mix. 

Hotel Les Roche Rouges 

les roche rouges French riviera hotel

Les Roches Rouges

A French Riviera masterpiece west of Cannes. This hotel has been on my wishlist for many years. A similar landscape to the hotel above, with an added chicness I can't quite attest to. Possibly it is due to its location being a bit further off the beaten track or the immense power of the classic navy and white wide stripe. Either way, both hotels are something special.

 Domaine de Prmard Hotel outside Paris

Hotel an hour from Paris

Domaine de Primard 

An hour outside of Paris with a Michelin star restaurant in a Castle. This hotel is so darn charming. There are free range chickens walking around the grounds for goodness sake! While you are visiting make sure you visit Claude Monet's home, les jardins de Giverny, only 20 minutes away. 

Les Hortensias du Lac Hotel for Surfing and Swim

Luxury Surf Hotel France

Les Hortensias du Lac 

This hotel is a surfer's paradise. Located in Hossegor, 20 minutes from Biarritz on, the northern coast of France. Les Hortensias is France's first luxury surf resort. The vibe is effortlessly cool mixed with a warm, homey feel. The pool, the lake, and the ocean are all up for grabs when it's time to swim and the spa and yoga lessons are ready for you when you get back. 



Okay universe there is my list, let's make it happen. 

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