Understanding Authority Types for Projectors in Human Design

Human Design, a unique system that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system, offers valuable insights into our individuality and the ways we interact with the world. Among the various types in Human Design, Projectors hold a special place. Projectors are often referred to as the "guides" or "advisors" of the system, possessing the ability to see and understand things from a unique perspective. One critical aspect that shapes a Projector's decision-making process and overall well-being is their Authority type. In this blog post, we'll delve into the different Authority types for Projectors in Human Design and explore how each type can harness their strengths to live a fulfilling life.
  1. Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus Center): Emotional Authority involves the Solar Plexus Center, which governs emotions, feelings, and intuition. Projectors with Emotional Authority have a defined Solar Plexus Center. This means that their emotional responses are consistent and reliable indicators for decision-making. Their emotional waves influence their choices, and waiting for emotional clarity helps them make decisions in alignment with their authentic self.

  2. Splenic Authority (Splenic Center): Splenic Authority is connected to the Splenic Center, which is linked to instincts, survival, and intuition. Projectors with Splenic Authority have a defined Splenic Center. Their instinctual awareness provides them with a sense of "sudden knowing" in the present moment. Trusting these gut feelings and acting promptly allows them to make decisions that resonate with their inner wisdom.

  3. Self-Projected Authority (Throat Center): Self-Projected Authority is associated with the Throat Center, responsible for communication and self-expression. Projectors with Self-Projected Authority have a defined Throat Center. Verbalizing their thoughts and talking through decisions with an external source helps them gain clarity. This process allows them to hear their own insights and determine the best course of action.

  4. Lunar Authority (G Center and Ajna Center): Lunar Authority is connected to both the G Center and the Ajna Center. The G Center is related to love, direction, and identity, while the Ajna Center deals with analytical thinking. For Projectors with Lunar Authority, the defined G Center and Ajna Center contribute to their decision-making process. Aligning decisions with the moon's cycles enhances their intuitive guidance and leads to well-timed choices.

  5. Ego Authority (Heart Center): Ego Authority is associated with the Heart Center, which influences willpower, self-worth, and ego-driven desires. Projectors with Ego Authority have a defined Heart Center. Making decisions that align with their inner sense of value and worthiness leads to choices that resonate deeply with their authentic selves.

Understanding the combination of defined energy centers that contribute to each Authority type allows Projectors to connect with their strengths and unique decision-making processes. By recognizing and embracing their specific Authority type and its associated energy centers, Projectors can navigate life's choices with greater self-awareness and confidence.

Heather Mollenhauer Human Design

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